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I had to share this….

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been “hanging out” on some left wing blogs, just to see how the other side lives, so to speak.   Yesterday, we were discussing the comments in Obama’s press conference, and disagreeing about who is really at fault.  Of course, the general consensus on the left is that it’s all the GOP’s fault, because they refuse to work with the Democrats and will not agree to raising taxes.

The conversation turned to taxing the rich, and as we all know, the perception on the left is that Republicans are all rich, greedy, white people, who don’t give a hoot about the poor.  They just want to keep getting richer and not help the less fortunate Americans, who are poor due to circumstances out of their control.  Right?

So, I made a point that I’m not rich, and I live paycheck to paycheck like many other Americans; however, I still don’t think it’s right to raise taxes.  And guess what the response was, from a liberal blogger….a bleeding heart Democrat who only wants to help the less fortunate?  Ok….here it is….”If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, that’s your own fault.  Sell your TV on Craigslist.”

And there you have it.  I responded back to him that he just made my point for me.  Liberals claim they want the rich to pay more because it’s only fair, and we have to help the poor, unfortunate people who can’t get ahead.  But when I, a conservative, said I live paycheck to paycheck, he told me what he really thought.  It’s my own fault.  I told him he just undermined the entire liberal argument as to why the rich should pay more taxes.  (Btw, do you think he’s telling the libs on welfare to sell their flat screen tv’s, Nike’s, Xbox’s and iPhones?)

I also added that yes, I could tighten my financial belt, if I want extra money in my pocket, and that’s exactly what the government should be doing…cutting back on spending, instead of expecting other people to fund their wasteful habits.  We know their argument has never been about truly helping the poor.  It’s about bigger government and more control.

That conversation made my day.


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President Obama has taken the office of POTUS to a new low (if I had a dime for every time I’ve said that….).  He is now holding a raffle, to give 4 people the opportunity to have dinner with him and Vice President Biden.  All of this for the low, low price of a $5 campaign donation! 



I’m beyond stunned.  Being the President of the United States used to mean something.  Unfortunately, since the day Obama was inaugurated, he has done nothing but demean and diminish the office.  He travels across the globe, apologizing for America to one world leader after another.  He goes out of his way to be friendly to leaders of countries who wish to destroy us, while shunning our allies.  When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, our closest ally, visited the White House in 2010, not only was there no press conference or photo op, but after their unproductive meeting, Obama retreated to dine privately, and left Netanyahu to dine alone.  Who does that to a guest and friend of the U.S.?  However, when Chinese President Hu Jintao, a Communist leader of a country cited for numerous human rights violations, visited the U.S., Obama held a state dinner, with over 200 guests, and gave him the red carpet treatment. 

Let’s look at some of Obama’s speeches at home and abroad. 
These are highlighted as Obama’s five most embarrassing speeches, in an
article by Nile Gardiner, in The Telegraph (these are just during
2009!).  In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, he
criticized the counter-terror policies of the Bush administration, and
condemned actions of our closest ally, Israel.  In a speech in Strasbourg,
he talked about American arrogance and apologized for U.S.
foreign policy and the war on terror.  This, while in front of a French
and German audience, who opposed our actions in Iraq.  In Cairo, he
attacked our decision to go to Iraq.  In Prague, he downplayed the
threats by rogue states like Iran and North Korea.  He also promised to
stand behind the Czechs, then just months later decided to ditch the missile
defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic .  And at a National Archives speech in Washington,
he again apologized for the war on terror and attacked the Bush
administration’s successful counter-terror policies.

In a time of severe financial instability, Obama is more focused on his golf game than on fixing the economy and bringing down the debt.  He’s played 75 rounds of golf in just over two years, and has been on the course for the last 13 weekends in a row.  Meanwhile, budget talks between Republicans and Democrats, led by Vice President Biden, came to a grinding halt last week, when the GOP walked away from talks, due to the Democrats’ refusal to take tax hikes off the table.  It took this drastic move for Obama to finally agree to step in and get involved.





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There are also the little things, like incessant gum chewing, or more like chomping, during the Joplin memorial ceremony, a display of complete disrespect, in my opinion.  He also mocks people who oppose him.  He has referred to the tea party as a “teabag, anti-government” movement.  He mocked the concerns about border security by making jokes about how Republicans are never satisfied, and will be asking for moats and alligators next.  He made references to Republicans standing around sipping Slurpees while the Democrats do all the hard work, pulling the proverbial car (economy) out of the ditch.  He invited Paul Ryan to his budget speech, sat him in the front row, then attacked his plan, claiming it will strip healthcare away from the elderly and kids with disabilities and autism.  He also race baits, by insinuating that Republicans would make race an issue and scare voters by suggesting Obama has a “funny name” or “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills”.  He also insinuated that the Arizona immigration bill is racist.

President Obama is also distracted from his duties, by spending an enormous amount of time campaigning.  To date, he has held 33 fundraising events.  Contrast this with Bush’s three events in the same amount of time, during his presidency.  And now this?  A raffle?  It’s deplorable (and really cheesy, but I digress).  Then, to make matters worse, it appears he has broken campaign finance laws, by creating this “Dinner with Barack” ad in the White House.  Obviously, his aides are trying to defend the ad, with the default “Bush did it!” claim (Bush did make political ads, but not fundraising ads, which is where the illegality lies).  But, it’s likely nothing will happen.  Who is going to go after him?  Not the media, and certainly not Holder.

Would George W. Bush ever do these things?  Obviously, he wasn’t perfect, and I didn’t agree with every decision he made while in office.  However, I truly respected him as a leader.  President Bush was much more
concerned with maintaining the integrity of the office than he was
about his own popularity.  But Obama has this attitude that he is the
president, so he can do whatever he wants.  He likes the power that comes
with the position, but seems to care little about the integrity of the

At what point do we say enough is enough? 

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann made her official announcement and kickoff speech for President of the United States today, in Waterloo, Iowa.  After her “informal” announcement during the New Hampshire presidential debates, her poll numbers began to move upward, and in the most recent Iowa poll, she is now ranked 2nd at 22%, just one point behind Romney.   In addition, she has the highest “favorable” ratings among likely caucus voters.  Obviously, it’s still early, and these numbers could certainly change, but its fair to say that she’s off to a pretty impressive start.

With Michele Bachmann being such a strong conservative, as well as a tea party favorite, it’s a sure bet that she is going to be attacked hard by the left.  Just as the media continues to do with Sarah Palin, they are attempting to also paint Bachmann as being dumb and incapable of leading the country.  This amounts to nothing more than the left’s disdain towards conservative women.  They are attacked in ways that men would never be.  Palin was constantly criticized for her clothes and hair, or for being a bad parent and using her kids as political props.  Yesterday, in a Fox News Sunday interview, Chris Wallace asked Bachmann if she was a flake.  Really?  Did he ever ask Ron Paul if he was a flake?  I typically like Wallace, but he was way off track on that question.  I know he asked it because that is the accusation on the left, but he should have asked it in a different way.  He did apologize for it, after severe criticism, but he would never have asked that question of a male candidate.  That being said, this isn’t just a gender issue.  It’s about her being a conservative.  But there’s no getting around the fact that female candidates are treated differently.  
As far as I’m concerned, Bachmann is an extremely strong candidate.  For those who don’t follow politics, you can use this simple rule of thumb…..the most viciously attacked candidate is usually the most conservative.  If the left and main stream media likes the candidate, RUN AWAY from him/her!  Look at the current field.  Who does the media like right now?  Huntsman.  Even Harry Reid has endorsed him….that alone would make me run away screaming.  Huntsman is a moderate, who insists on being the “nice guy” in this race, refusing to attack Obama.    That makes him unbeatable.  Who are they attacking?  Bachmann and Cain, the two conservatives that are running strong in the polls, behind only Romney, who is leading for only two reasons….he has a lot of money and has been considered “next in line” for the nomination.  Romney touts himself as a conservative, but has some serious baggage, thanks to Romneycare.  While he may be next in line, so was McCain, and he lost.  It’s about true conservative credentials at this point.  We need someone who can lead, and someone who is not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Obama.  He is completely vulnerable right now.  The economy is weak, the housing market is abysmal, and unemployment is still hovering around 9%.  The Democrats refuse to propose a budget, and Obama has refused to get involved in talks regarding the debt ceiling until now.  It took Republicans walking away from the table before Obama would step in, and odds are he won’t be putting forth much effort, given how little he was involved the last time.  
I say all of that to say this…Michele Bachmann has a proven track record, as both a businesswoman and member of Congress.  She has a genuine passion and vision for the future of the country, and she has the qualifications and experience to lead.  And…she is ready to make Obama a one-term president.  Who can argue with that??

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Wanted: One Sane Leftist

I’m exhausted.  After just a few months in the political blogosphere, I have only one question.  Isn’t there one, rational, sane person on the left?  Just one?

I’ve been spending some time on a few left wing blogs, and I’m amazed at the futile attempts of the left to defend this president.  They don’t actually defend anything he does.  They just go after the Republicans.  There are typically only about 3 of us sane people, er, I mean, Republicans on these sites at any given time, and it’s quite a challenge to keep up with the hateful rhetoric.  If I don’t cite a source for my comments, I’m accused of making up my own facts.  If I do cite a source, they either try to disclaim it or they ignore it, then resort to personal attacks.  They get extremely angry, call people stupid, brainwashed, idiots, or the old standby…racist, but they never make a substantive argument.  I love a good political debate, but I’m completely at a loss talking to
some of these people.  I can’t even have a logical conversation with
them.  I’m truly befuddled by their overall philosophy and blind allegiance to Obama and his liberal cronies.

Over the course of the Weinergate scandal, I noticed many, if not most, on the left excusing Weiner’s behavior by saying “at least he’s not a hypocrite”.  Many didn’t approve of his lying, but they seemed to have no problem with his sordid behavior, because he never put himself up on a pedestal as being “moral”, so who cares?   Republicans run on morals, so when one stumbles, they’re labeled a hypocrite.  When Democrats do something morally wrong, it’s excused because they didn’t run on a moral platform.  So are they running on an amoral platform?  Pajamas Media has a good piece on this very subject.  (http://pajamasmedia.com/zombie/2011/06/06/why-the-hypocrisy-defense-is-political-suicide-for-liberalism/)

Well, that got me thinking, just where does the left get their ideals?  On what do they base their beliefs?  Conservatives, as a whole, typically base their politics on their religious and moral beliefs.  Many, if not most, have some type of religious background or at least, a basic faith-based belief.  Christian conservatives believe in the Bible, specifically, and that influences our lives, both personally and politically.  Our stances on abortion, gay marriage, fiscal responsibility / stewardship…these are Biblical principles. 

So, what about the left?  If they believe the opposite of conservatives, where do their beliefs come from?  Is a just a “do what feels good” mentality?  They claim to want to help the little guy, but should they have to lie and cheat to do so?  Should they have to resort to scare tactics, such as saying Republicans hate women (DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz) or want to kill women (Rep. Louise Slaughter), or want to take healthcare away from seniors and kids with autism (President Obama)?  Doesn’t make sense, does it? 

Another example is the behavior at rallies and protests.  At tea party rallies, everyone is civil.  They pick up their trash and take good care of the area around them.  At liberal protests and rallies, such as the ones held in DC and WI, the groups were racist and hateful, pushing and shoving others, and they left the place a complete disaster.  At a Sarah Palin rally in WI, protestors were screaming profanities and ringing cow bells, while a 14 year old girl was trying to give a speech.  It’s deplorable.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that all Republicans are religious and moral, and that all Democrats are not…far from it.  I’m just talking about the mindset, in general, especially more from the Conservative vs Liberal standpoint, than the Republican vs Democrat (which these days could be characterized more as the “mushy middle”).

As we get closer to the 2012 elections, the rhetoric will surely ramp up, and the campaigns will get nasty, especially if liberals are worried about losing this election.  Obama seems to be very vulnerable right now, with a weak economy, rising debt, and high unemployment.  The left will resort to anything and everything, in order to win.  We have to be willing to fight back, but not by using their tactics.  The ugly truth of the last 2 years will be more than enough to give us the victory, if we stick to our conservative principles, and lead by example.

Just a little food for thought…

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POTUS Now a 9-5 Job?

Am I crazy, or is it fair to assume that being the President of the United States would require more than just putting in bankers hours?  In a recent interview, President Obama noted that being a father to his girls is his most important responsibility, and that short of an emergency, he will be found having dinner with the family every evening.  While I think it’s great that family is a priority, it got me thinking….how busy is he, really?

We all remember hearing about how President George W. Bush was up at 5:30 or 6 every morning, and was conducting business by 7:00.  Contrast this with Obama, who strolls in around 9:00 or 9:30, with his daily briefing starting anywhere between 9:30 and 11:00.  Some days, he only has 1 or 2 items on his schedule. 

He’s clearly not conducting the People’s business.  So, what is he doing with his time?  Let’s break it down.  First of all, there’s the campaigning.  Today, he has 2 DNC events to attend.  There were 2 last week, 7 in May, and 11 in April.  Those are just the official events.  In reality, he has remained in campaign mode since the day he was inaugurated. 

Then there are the trips…to Puerto Rico, Brazil, Ireland, London, France and Poland, just to name a few.  Of course, international travel is part of any president’s schedule, but he seems to forget about his responsibilities at home when traveling abroad.  While he was gallivanting around Europe, the town of Joplin, MS, was completely obliterated by a deadly tornado.  When he finally did visit Joplin, a week after the disaster, he only toured for 10 minutes and gave a 10 minute speech, then headed home.  In addition, he has provided no support to fight the Texas wildfires, which have burned over 3 million acres in the last several months (although Obama did send 2 U.S. cargo planes to help Mexico….how generous of him).

And last, but not least…there are the golf outings.  This is the 13th week in a row that Obama has been on the golf course, part of the total 72+ outings he’s been on in just 2 years.  Again, contrast this with President Bush, who played only 24 rounds of golf during his entire presidency, and stopped golfing in 2003, because he didn’t feel it was appropriate during wartime.   On Memorial Day weekend, Obama participated in a couple of events to
honor our soldiers, but then went golfing.  Former presidents would spend their
entire Memorial Day visiting military families or visiting soldiers at Walter
Reed and other hospitals.  Obama golfs. 

All of this while dealing with a stagnant economy, plummeting housing market, 9% unemployment, rising food and gas prices, and 3 wars.  How DOES he do it??

Well, that’s exactly the point.  He doesn’t do it.  He isn’t doing anything to fix our problems.  In fact, he seems completely tone deaf when it comes to the lives of struggling, hard working Americans.  He claims that the economy and jobs “are the first thing I think about when I wake up every morning, and the last thing I think about when I go to bed each night”, but he just held his first economic briefing in over a month.  It’s clear that Obama is completely undisciplined.  He strolls into work after 9; he still sneaks cigarettes, after claiming he had stopped; he chews gum in professional meetings (G8, G20 summits, and even at the Joplin memorial ceremony), to the point of distraction; and every time he gets away from Michelle, he heads straight for the closest greasy burger joint.  He just seems bound and determined to do what he chooses, whenever he chooses, and no one else is going to tell him what to do.  After all, as he constantly reminds us, he “IS the President of the United States”.  It’s all about him.  Period.  He has the power, and so sorry for your luck. 

Until 2012.  Enjoy it while you can, Sir.

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How did I miss this story??  I know this is an old one, but I just had to post it.  If I didn’t see it, I’m sure I’m not the only one.  The irony is just beyond words.  I can’t even get mad about this stuff anymore.  It’s so over the top, it’s laughable.

Which is worse….this bogus award or the Nobel Peace Prize?   And who actually thinks this president has been transparent about anything?  I’m befuddled. 


President Obama received an award for his transparency in government on Monday, but you’d never know it because the press wasn’t there to witness the meeting.

The award was originally supposed to be given to the president two weeks ago, but the White House cancelled the event that day. Not that there was going to be extensive coverage of that meeting either. The small number of reporters who cover the president daily — known as the travel pool — were only going to be allowed in for a brief part of the meeting.

But that’s certainly more access than what happened on Monday.

According to the White House, the meeting was the first time open government advocates could remember sitting with a president and discussing government transparency.

Monday’s event was also buried in a busy news day for the President where taped a Univision townhall and gave a major speech on the conflict in Libya. The rescheduled event was also not on his official schedule, but the original one was.

Lucy Dalglish, of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press said her group made it clear to Obama that while his efforts have been strong, there remains more that has to be done at all levels of the administration.

“Not only is it important for the president and agency heads to commit to open government, but the message must also make its way down to those in the agencies who actually release the information. Those of us at the meeting committed to working with the White House to ensure that this continues,” Dalglish said.

But Dalglish also praised the White House for agreeing to the Oval Office meeting, something she says no other president has ever done.

The day the original event was postponed, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney vehemently defended his boss and his transparency when Fox’s own Wendell Goler questioned Carney about the lack of coverage that day.

“This president has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and openness that is greater than any administration has shown in the past, and he’s been committed to that since he ran for President and he’s taken a significant number of measures to demonstrate that,” Carney said on March 16. No word yet on what the White House will say now that the award has been given – behind closed doors.

The award was part of Sunshine Week, a push from groups to highlight openness in government. During that same week reports came out from the Associated Press and George Washington University with data showing White House wasn’t being as open as they have been pledging. (http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/03/30/president-obama-receives-transparency-award-no-press-there-see-it)

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The second Republican presidential debate was held last night in New Hampshire.  Candidates included Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann, who declared her candidacy during her first answer of the debate.

While the debate was friendly and most candidates performed well, there was one stand-out performance.  Michele Bachmann was energetic and confident, and really hit it out of the park.  Many pundits had low expectations of Michele, but I had no doubts about her.  She clearly has the experience.  She has been a member of Congress since 2006, and also served in the Minnesota State Senate for 6 years.  She and her husband run a successful business, and she is a former federal tax litigation attorney.  In addition, she is the leader of the Tea Party Caucus, and serves on the Financial Services Committee and the Intelligence Committee.  Quite a resume, isn’t it?

Some feel that Romney won the debate, but I disagree.  While he performed well, and pounded Obama’s policies with a vengeance, my opinion of him has not changed.  He’s not a true conservative, and that’s all I need to know. 

Pawlenty was his usual boring self.  He missed a perfect opportunity to go after Romneycare, by refusing to address why he dubbed it Obamneycare in a Fox News interview last Sunday.  His willingness to call it such in an interview, but unwillingness to address it face-to-face with Romney, shows that he would be extremely weak in a debate against Obama. 

Herman Cain and Rick Santorum held their own, although they did not bring anything new and exciting to the debate.  Santorum is a strong conservative with a proven track record, and would do a great job, but is just not getting the support needed to advance in this race.  Herman Cain has been moving up in the polls as he becomes more well known, but how far he will go remains to be seen.  Some look at his lack of political experience as a negative, but with the current state of affairs in Washington, Cain and many Americans (myself included) look at it as a positive.  Newt Gringrich provided some strong answers, but overall, just seems irrelevant in this race.  Surprisingly, no questions were asked about his recent 2-week cruise or the loss of several staff members.  Some pundits have noted this as a sign that he is not being taken seriously, and I would tend to agree. 

And last, but not least, there’s Ron Paul.  While he does have a strong following among some tea party members, he’s totally off the mark for me.  He advocates the legalization of drugs and is too weak on defense and social issues.

There are still some rumors circulating regarding Rick Perry and Sarah Palin as potential candidates.  Rick Perry would shake things up a bit, although I don’t know how Americans will feel about another governor from Texas.  I’m ok with that, but am not sure about his conservative credentials at this point.

The prospect of Sarah Palin is exciting and I would love for her to get in the race.  The only possible drawback….Michele Bachmann.  Palin and Bachmann both have a large base in the Tea Party, and my only concern is that this would cause a voter split in the primaries, knocking them both out of the race.  While my preference is Sarah Palin, I would be thrilled if Bachmann received the nomination.  I’m confident she has the necessary experience, passion, strength, and conservative values, and would do a great job in the White House. 

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