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Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion business, makes no bones about crossing the line in an attempt to generate publicity and attention and it is at it again with condoms that allow wearers to advertise where they had sex.

As the web site GeekWire reports:

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest has begun distributing 55,000 condoms to college students with QR codes, allowing students to anonymously “check in” and boast about where they’ve practiced safe sex. A Web site dubbed WhereDidYouWearIt.com chronicles all of the action, so you can see that folks are particularly frisky in Ballard or Bellevue or Bellingham.

“Did you just use a condom to protect yourself against unintended pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections? You go, tiger! Sex that (is) safe, should be shared,” declares the Web site.

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I was talking with my wife and married daughter the other day about Muslims, and the Obama administration’s support of them.  We were talking about how allows for physical and emotional abuse of women.  It makes women a third class person, barely better than an animal or even a possession like a car.  They can be abused, beaten and even killed.

Strict Sharia law does not allow a woman to receive an education, work in many industries, drive a car, walk alongside a man in public or even to speak to a man other than her husband or son in public.  Women under Sharia law are no better off than the black slaves were before the American Civil War.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary have had numerous opportunities to speak out against Sharia law and how it violates women’s rights.  But to date, neither one of them have condemned the practice.  They have readily condemned other human rights violations around the globe, but never have they done so with Sharia law.

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What in the world is happening to this country?  What happened to Obama’s message of Hope and Change??  Granted, many of us never bought into the whole “hopey-changey” concept, but at least it sounded good to the scores of willfully ignorant voters.  But, somehow, over the past 3 years, Obama’s feel-good message, however phony, has been downgraded to just a moderate house and no bankruptcy due to medical bills.  What gives??

Here is Obama’s new message…

“If you’re willing to put in the work, the idea is that you should be able to raise a family and own a home; not go bankrupt because you got sick, because you’ve got some health insurance that helps you deal with those difficult times; that you can send your kids to college; that you can put some money away for retirement,” Obama said recently in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“That’s all most people want,” he said. “Folks don’t have unrealistic ambitions. They do believe that if they work hard they should be able to achieve that small measure of an American Dream.”

Is this really what Obama thinks the average American wants???  Or is this yet another example of the “dumbing down” of America?  Clearly, he’s well aware of the situation we’re in.  He should be aware…he’s created it.  He took a bad economy and made it exponentially worse.  So what’s the solution?  Lower the bar!  It all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  If Americans feel satisfied with just the bare minimum, Obama’s done his job, right?  Quite frankly, I find this sickening.

So, how has the media reacted to Obama’s pathetic description of the American dream?  They’re outraged, right?  Uh, no.  In fact, they’ve appeared to have embraced it, and once again, made excuses for him.  Here’s the headline from the Washington Post: This time not so lofty:  Obama peddles modest American dream as he seeks re-election.  Say what?  Keep reading….it gets better:

This time around, President Barack Obama’s message can sound decidedly down-to-earth.

Four years after winning the White House, Obama is dealing with a different economic and political reality as he seeks re-election. He’s focused less on a lofty vision for overcoming divisions and remaking Washington, and more on the most basic building blocks of middle-class economic security: a job, a house, a college education for the kids, health care, money for retirement.

The goals can seem almost humdrum in comparison with some of the rhetoric from Obama’s 2008 White House campaign. But the message sounds made for the times, with the country emerging haltingly from recession, the income gap widening and unemployment stuck above 8 percent. At the White House Tuesday Obama said, “We want to build an economy where every American has a chance to find a good job that pays well and supports a family.”

Down-to-earth?  Made for the times?  Are you kidding me?  What ever happened to encouraging lofty ambitions?  What ever happened to the president telling Americans they can achieve anything?  Is this really the message we want to send to our children?   If they go to school for 12 years, then college for 4, then work for another 60 years, they might just be able to own an 800 s.f. home, drive a crappy Prius and retire just in time to kick the bucket?  AWESOME!

Why is any American even considering re-electing this man?  I have never seen any president in this country make such an effort to bring Americans down.  I thought his job was to lift America up.  This, my friends, is the behavior of a president who thinks this country is arrogant and needs to be brought down a peg or two.  This is the behavior of a president who is embarrassed by our strength and success.  This is the behavior of a president with a “Blame America First” philosophy.  And this….is a president who needs to be defeated in 2012.

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I received the following email from Kevin Jackson of UnhypenatedAmerica.org.

As usual, January’s SOPA/PIPA blackout meant nothing to Barack Obama and he could care less that that millions of Americans voiced said opposition.

Moreover, despite worldwide opposition to ACTA, Obama’s, plan is to implement it through an illegal “Sole Executive Agreement’ any day now.”

In a word, patriots, Obama must be stopped from further diminishing our rights. Please read the following post from Jackson, act and pass on immediately.  Time is of the essence.  Thank you.

“Unhyphenated America

Kevin Jackson, Founder

123 Main Street, Suite 1000

Anywhere, Missouri 12345February 21, 2011

Dear Subscriber,

Despite worldwide protests, Barack Hussein Obama is still pushing full steam ahead to enact the ACTA international internet takeover treaty, WITHOUT the U. S. Senate ever voting on it!Please send faxes to every U. S. Senate Democrat, demanding that they force Mr. Obama to submit…

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It’s no secret that Detroit has been in decline for some time, thanks to the poor leadership of liberal Democrats since the early 60’s.  But the rate of decline has increased substantially in just the last 2-3 years, with significantly increased unemployment, failing schools, and staggering crime rates.

With a national unemployment rate at or around 9% for the past 3 years, and a staggering national unemployment rate within the black community hitting a 27 year high of 16.7% in August 2011, the economic downturn that has affected all areas, has hit Detroit especially hard.

Given how dire the situation is for those still living in the Motor City, one wonders:  is this what we have to look forward to in a second Obama term?  While the “official” unemployment rates are moving slightly downward, this number ignores those who have just stopped looking, which means the numbers are completely misleading.  The “real” unemployment rate has been estimated to be much higher, although the numbers reported vary greatly, at anywhere from 11-22%.

Gas prices have continued to stay around $3-$4/gal., and is expected to hit $5/gal. by the summer.  Food prices have increased significantly.  The housing market is still a mess.  Families are struggling to make ends meet, and we still have not seen the full ramifications of the Obama policies and programs to our economy.

Will we see our own cities fall into decline, just as  Detroit has?  So, how bad are things in Detroit, really?  An article at “The Economic Collapse Blog” reveals some staggering information about just how bleak the situation is for this once booming city.  Here are some highlights:

  • Back in the 1950s, Detroit was a teeming metropolis of approximately 2 million people.  According to the 2010 census, only 713,000 people live in Detroit today.  The U.S. Census Bureau says that Detroit lost a resident every 22 minutes during the first decade of this century.
  • Only 25 percent of all students in Detroit end up graduating from high school.  Many other major cities will soon have graduation rates similar to Detroit.
  • Today, 53.6 percent of all children that live in Detroit are living below the poverty line.
  • An analysis of census figures found that 48.5% of all men living in Detroit from age 20 to age 64 did not have a job in 2008. (That number has continued to rise...)
  • The median price of a home in Detroit is now just $6000.  Some homes in Detroit have been sold for a single dollar.

Due to the economic woes, crime has increased at a staggering rate, and many residents are fighting back.  Here are some additional statistics:

  • [In a single weekend], a total of nine shootings were reported in the city of Detroit.
  • Justifiable homicide in Detroit rose by a staggering 79 percent during 2011.
  • The rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is currently 2200% above the national average.
  • Ten years ago, there were approximately 5,000 police for the city of Detroit.  Today, there are less than 3,000.
  • 100 bus drivers in Detroit recently refused to drive their routes out of fear of being attacked on the streets.

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America, this could happen in more cities across the United States.  Washington cannot continue its reckless spending.  We are on the brink.  Tough decisions need to be made, and it starts with you, the voter.  Let’s make the right decision in 2012, and replace this president with one who looks out for the interests of the American people, instead of his friends and own self-interests.  Let’s replace this president with one who puts America first, and respects and appreciates this country for what it is….A Shining City on a Hill.

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This story nearly sent me over the edge.  If this doesn’t sum up the problem with Washington, I don’t know what would.  

Here are the key points….union employees, wages 2-3x the average, charges customers 2-3x the average, receives more benefits than most, gets bailout.  How many times have we heard this same story in the past 3 years? 

Continue reading if you want to get angry…

h/t – The Daily

America’s most distinguished leaders get their hair cut at the Senate barbershop, but taxpayers are the ones really getting clipped.

The barbershop ran almost $300,000 in the red last year but received an infusion from Senate coffers that is keeping it in business, the Senate sergeant at arms, Terrance Gainer, told The Daily.

A federal bailout isn’t that unusual since the economic downturn, but some senators didn’t even know their salon was in hot water — and don’t think it should be, considering what they pay for a little off the ears.

A shampoo, cut and blow dry is $27 and highlights are $105, according to the barbershop’s website. A trim costs $20, more than double what Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., gets charged when he goes to his barber back home.

“I give him $12 with a tip,” Leahy said.

When Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-Md., learned about the shortfall, he said, “It did? It shouldn’t. It should pay for itself.”

A Senate barbershop subsidized by the government is a sore point with GOP members, too.

Former Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, R-Ill., blames the money woes on the stylists, who are federal employees. He contends they’re overpaid compared to their private-sector counterparts.

“They are using union labor, and so their benefits and wages are higher than those of many jobs,” Fitzgerald said.

To support his argument, Fitzgerald contrasts the salaries and benefits of the Senate’s stylists to what is offered by Capitol Barber, three blocks away.

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Th White House manipulating numbers?  Say it ain’t so!!!

Par for the course, for this administration….


Last week, the White House claimed that unemployment dropped for the fifth consecutive month to 8.3 percent — the lowest it has been in nearly three years — after adding 243,000 jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But financial experts are saying the figures may have been manipulated — and that the significant drop in employment was because of the fact that the federal agency charged with computing key economic data has significantly decreased the number of Americans in the workforce.

“If you hold the workforce participation rate constant over the past year, unemployment would be about 8.9 percent instead of 8.3 percent,” GOP economist Matt McDonald of Hamilton Place Strategies said Monday on CNBC’s Squawk Box. “So it is a weird number that is out there, and I think people have to be looking at that carefully.”

The same Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report that showed unemployment dropping to 8.3 percent showed total workforce participation — the number of people either working or looking for work — declining by 1.2 million people in one month.

The unemployment rate is determined by dividing the number of unemployed job-seekers by the total labor force. By reducing the number of workers in the overall workforce, the Obama administration can show actual unemployment dropping, when, in fact, improvement has been marginal at best.

Many economists feel the official statistics seriously underestimate how bad the unemployment situation really is. They maintain that the key measure is the number of people who would like to have a job, but can’t find one.

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