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Obama won re-election.  The Democrats successfully put their man in office for another 4 years.  So, why are they still so angry???

There are currently 35+ petitions that have been filed with the White House, with various states petitioning to secede from the U.S. of America.  One of my co-workers mentioned it to me earlier this afternoon, and another co-worker (who voted for Obama) responded with “good riddance!”.  Wow.  Angry much?  Your man won.  Why are you so freakin’ mad all the time?

Are you already having buyer’s remorse?  Within 48 hours of the election, more than 40 corporations announced layoffs.  Small business owners are closing their doors.  Companies are cutting employees, or reducing their employees from full time to part time, to avoid providing health insurance.  The stock market is still down around 500 points since Tuesday.  Ohio food stamp recipients (869,000 households) just found out that their benefits are being cut, to the tune of $520 million a year.   We found out the administration kept information about the massive increase in food stamp recipients during July-August under wraps.  They also kept the news of General Patraeus under wraps until after the election, along with the debacle in Benghazi.  The list goes on.  There has been nothing but negative news regarding our economy and foreign policy issues.

But it’s not like you didn’t know this was coming.  You were warned.  We screamed it from the rooftops.  Employers even told their employees they would be laying people off if Obama was re-elected.  Did you really think it would get better?  Did you really think it was going to magically change when he was re-elected?

All I can say is don’t complain to me about your healthcare costs rising and your friends/family losing their jobs.  You asked for it, and you got it.…now deal with the consequences.


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Many voters, on both sides of the aisle, get very squeamish when they hear things like “Obama is a Marxist” or “Obama is turning America into a socialist nation”.  It can come across as extreme or conspiratorial, and frankly, Americans just don’t want to believe that their president is a bad guy who is fighting against everything we believe in and wants to destroy America as we know it.

Unfortunately, that is indeed the situation we’re facing in this country.  Obama was admittedly raised under heavy Marxist influence, and as time goes by, and Obama continues to implement destructive policies, sometimes bypassing Congress to do so, we are seeing more and more signs of his true Marxist core.  He promised in 2008 to “fundamentally transform” America.  If he truly loved this country, why would he want to transform it?  Wouldn’t he want to preserve or restore it?  And just what does he mean by “transform America”?

A few months ago, I came across a book entitled “The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen.  The book was written in the 1950’s, but I was stunned at how his description of Karl Marx and other Communist/Socialist/Marxist leaders also described many of the views of President Obama and the situation we’re facing today.  I’ll be covering some of these parallels over the next several posts.

One of the most common ways we describe the tactics of the radical left is with the phrase “the end justifies the means”.  They’ll say or do anything necessary to achieve their goals.  A core belief of Communism/Marxism is the denial of the existence of God.  If there is no God, there are no moral absolutes.  Man is his own god.  Whatever is just in his own mind is moral.  Therefore, whether his/her tactics are  “legal”, “moral”, or not, it does not matter, as long as it is effective.

Consider some of situations we’re experiencing during President Obama’s term.  The DOJ is going after states who are attempting to secure borders or deal with illegal immigration.  Why?  Because they want votes, legal or illegal.  The DOJ is also going after states who are trying to enforce voter ID laws.  Why?  Because they want votes, legal or illegal.  Just days ago, Obama officially implemented parts of the DREAM Act (bypassing Congress after they refused to pass the bill), giving many illegals amnesty.  Why?  You guessed it.  The DOJ demanded that Florida discontinue their efforts to clean up their voter rolls.  Democrats have falsely accused the GOP on a war against women, claiming Republicans want to take away their access to health care.  Democrats falsely accuse the tea party, or any opponent of Obama for that matter, of racism.  Obama stirs up class warfare, claiming the evil 1% of income earners have all the opportunities in this country, and the 99% doesn’t have a fair shot.  He’s pitting one group of people against the other, and creating division throughout the country.  In large part, this is an attempt to get more voters.  However, there’s more to it than that.  This is part of his plan to “fundamentally transform” America.

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