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Americans have spent the last four years watching our country being taken from us.  We have a president who thinks he is above the law.  He violates the Constitution, bypasses Congress, and ignores the American people.  He’s running up our national debt at unprecedented rates.  He picks winners and losers.  He takes from the successful, hard working Americans and gives to those who sit with their hand out.  He gives our hard earned tax dollars to countries who work against us.  He hosts leaders of radical Muslim regimes in the White House, while ignoring the leaders of our closet ally countries.  He disrespects our military.  He allowed four Americans to die in Libya, without doing anything to save them, then lied to the American public, and targeted someone who had nothing to do with the attacks.

This president has the most pro-abortion record in Congress, even voting against measures to save the life of an innocent baby born in a botched abortion.  He has worked against religious freedom of Christians while promoting the religion of Islam.  He focuses on things like free contraception for women, while ignoring the fact that we have 23 million Americans who are unemployed or underemployed.  He’s doing nothing to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, trotting off to Las Vegas on campaign stops while people on the East Coast have no homes, no heat, no gas and no food or water.

This is a pivotal election.  We cannot afford to be complacent.  That’s how we got into this mess in the first place.  We have leaders in Congress who need to be removed.  We have a president who needs his walking papers.  We need to get back to the principles this country was founded upon.  We need to take our country back.  This is the time.  If not us, who?  If not now, when?

Get out and vote.  Your country depends on it.


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This morning, President Obama unveiled a new video and his new campaign slogan….”Forward”.  Hmm…  Ok, I’m just going to say it.  This is one of the most ridiculous slogans I’ve ever heard.  Forward?  That’s it?  How many staffers did it take to come up with that one?  Maybe he should have stuck with WTF (Winning the Future)….at least it was catchy.  But I digress…

Aside from the hokey name, let’s dig a little deeper.  This slogan sums up Obama’s mindset.  He doesn’t want people to look back, only move forward.  And why is that?  Maybe it’s because his record is abysmal.  His biggest accomplishment, Obamacare, is a complete disaster.  It barely passed, and the majority of Americans have been against it from the get-go.  While this was touted as such a wonderful accomplishment, I find it so interesting that Obama rarely even brings it up.  If it was so monumental, why hasn’t he been riding that wave for the last 3 years?  Simple.  We don’t want it, and he knows it.  What he claimed was a deficit neutral bill, has ballooned to nearly $2 trillion, and is still growing.  While not yet fully implemented, it’s already causing insurance premiums to increase and is driving small businesses to close their doors.  Due to decreasing Medicare reimbursement costs, many doctors are no longer taking Medicare patients or are retiring from their practices altogether.  This, along with increased regulations, is causing medical students to rethink even getting into the field.  The result will be a shortage of doctors and rationed care….exactly what we’ve been predicting since the beginning of the health care debate.

What are Obama’s other accomplishments?  Any bill that has been passed into law only equals more regulation, more spending, and less freedom, with no real solutions.  We’re $15 TRILLION in debt, housing prices are still in the tank, food and gas prices are still rising, and unemployment is still over 8%.  The number of food stamp recipients has increased to nearly 45 million, with a 135% increase in costs over the last 4 years (with Obama looking to add even more people to the program).

The only thing we have to look “forward” to with a 2nd Obama term is more of the same.

But Obama does have one thing right.  We should look forward….to November…when we can Vote. Him. Out.

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