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This, in addition to the weak WV Democratic primary, where an inmate from Texas garnered 41% of the vote, and we’ve got a potential Romney landslide in the making…


There were Democratic presidential primaries held last night in Arkansas and Kentucky. Arkansas is traditionally solid Democrat; both are regarded as conservative “blue dog” states. As such they were a good test of how moderate or conservative Dems regard the administration’s record. Apparently, they are not happy.

Obama faced his stiffest competition in Arkansas, where national media outlets had boosted the profile of his everyman challenger, lawyer John Wolfe. Some polls put Obama as little as seven points ahead. The projected final result (at time of writing) was Obama 61 percent to Wilson’s 39 percent. The 22 point gap looks big, but it’s pathetic for an incumbent president. Kentucky, surprisingly, was even worse. Obama took 58 percent while “uncommitted” took 42 percent. Forty-two percent of Kentucky Democrats would rather vote for nobody than the President of the United States.

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The latest CBS poll shows Romney leading Obama 46%-43%.  In addition, Romney is leading Independents 43%-36% and women voters 46%-44%.

Oops…looks like Obama’s losing the war on women.  Imagine that!  Of course, conservatives have been predicting this for months.  Instead of focusing on Obama’s abysmal record and our stagnant economy, the president and liberal Democrats have shifted their focus to every other issue they can think of, including this manufactured war on women, immigration and same sex marriage.  This latest poll reinforces the fact that only a small percentage of Americans consider these issues to be their main focus, with only 7% focused on same-sex marriage and 2% on immigration.  Overwhelmingly, Americans are concerned about the economy.  And that means Obama is in trouble.

Democrats continue to campaign using scare tactics, instead of coming up with new ideas to fix our problems.  Why?  Because their solution to everything is bigger government.  Entitlements have increased during Obama’s term, with 46 million Americans on food stamps, incurring an increase in costs of 135%.  In the meantime, our military and defense programs are being cut, putting our national security, the most basic Constitutional role of government, at risk.

We have a soaring debt, which has now surpassed $15 trillion, yet every attempt to cut spending is met with accusations that Republicans are trying to take away Grandma’s Medicare and Social Security, and make Americans breathe dirty air and drink dirty water….and let’s not forget send women’s rights back to the 19th century.  C’mon, people.  Are you still buying into this garbage?   This president has done nothing but divide this nation and put us further on the path to bankruptcy.  It’s time to wake up and vote him out of office.

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Need I say more??



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Sad state of affairs…unemployment is at 18%, HS drop-out rates are jaw-dropping, and crime is on the rise as police forces are cut.  Yet, Detroit will continue to vote in liberal Democrat mayors, as they have for the past 50 years, and will most assuredly still vote for Obama in November.


The Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO), headed by Maureen Taylor, has been telling Detroit welfare recipients to occupy foreclosed homes around the city. “You can’t imagine,” Taylor told WWJ in Detroit, “when we get to work at 9 and 10 in the morning, there are 20 to 30 people in the hallway talking about ‘I don’t have any more money, my rent is due’ – three or four months behind – what can I do? And its unreal, because we don’t have answers except to say, ‘here’s a list of houses that we have intercepted that have been repossessed by banks, pick one and move in.’” To boot these trespassers out of the homes, banks are forced to take MWRO to court.

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This one takes the cake…Obama has officially reached a new low.  The fact that people actually buy into this cradle-to-grave entitlement mentality just boggles my mind…ever heard of self-reliance and personal responsibility?  How demeaning is this to all Americans, to think we’re incapable of achieving our own success!  Why any woman would support this president is beyond me….

(written by Meredith Jessup)

Ok, I’ve been sitting on this all morning, contemplating how best to approach the subject of the Obama campaign’s newest effort to woo women voters.  Apparently the best they could come up with is “The Life of Julia,” an interactive set of slides documenting the fictitious life of a hypothetical female and how Obama‘s policies will help her while Mitt Romney’s would ultimately hurt her.  Sounds completely legit, right?

I have to say, I’m insulted.  I’m insulted to think the Obama administration honestly thinks such a simplistic scenario accurately reflects the life of a modern woman.  Instead of being the champion of women he claims to be, it seem pretty clear to me that Barack Obama knows nothing about us.  “The Life of Julia” tells the story not of a strong, independent woman, but of a completely helpless and hopeless cretin who depends on government assistance to function.  Uh, no thanks.

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Very insightful article…


Black pundits say that to be black and Republican makes one a despicable race-traitor worthy of no-holds-barred punishment.  As a black conservative Republican, I’m not frightened by this; it just angers and frustrates me.

My frustration comes from the knowledge that those claiming to have black America’s empowerment and best interest at heart are the “elephant in the room” problem.  They lie to black America.  Who are “they”?  They are Democrats committed to keeping blacks viewing themselves as victims.  They are racist, bitter black politicians with huge chips on their shoulders, seeking eternal “payback” for America’s original sin of slavery.  These black politicians are rewarded by the Democrats for delivering black votes.

So there you have it, black America: these are your so-called advocates.  And how do they help you?  They lie to you.  They tell you that 70% of black youths dropping out of high school is not your fault.  They tell you that prisons filled with black males is not their fault.  They tell you that 80% of black kids growing up without a father is not your fault.  They tell you that black genocide — half of black pregnancies ending in abortion — is not your fault.

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